Mt. Everest Base Camp and Leadership Development Trek

April 29 – May 14, 2019

…..with World Renowned Guinness Book of Records holder and Mt. Everest (and 7-Summits) Climber, Trek Leader, Movie Producer, Corporate Consultant, Leadership Visionary and Creator of Quest736 

Werner Berger

Image via Wikipedia

This Leadership Development and Life Altering Experience has been personally designed by Werner Berger and Meet Me at the Top, Inc. 

Purpose of the Trek

To provide peak and life altering experiences in one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places on earth.

We work in a world judged by products, sales, numbers, and measurable achievement and fulfillment.

Every once in a while it is important to join together in the realm of the immeasurable, for, as we all know, this is where the essence of life really exists. Come with me to a place of pure encounter, which can exalt your spirit, and re-connect you with self and nature so when you return home you carry with you another perspective and an awesome vision of how joyous, exhilarating and fulfilling life can really be*.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

An interview with Matt Lauer, Today Show, and a glimpse into the life of Werner Berger following his successful climb of Mt. Everest.


This adventure will elevate your sense of being, to touch your spirit, to surround you with the majestic beauty of the Himalaya, to pitch you into a state of awe, to capture (or re-capture) your sense of wonder, and with this, offer you moments of pure ecstasy. “Every time I enter this region I experience it as a journey back to the very essence of my being, to the very core of my existence”. . .Werner Berger

 Want your heart to be touched? Click below
  posted on Youtube by  (1 minute 32 seconds)

Who should attend?

(“This is way beyond a trek or an adventure”. . .Richard S., Alaska)

  • Anyone who wants a safe, exciting, break-through life-altering experience
  • Anyone who is exasperated with those doldrums and eager for a “knock your socks off” challenge
  • Anyone who is enthralled by the amazing Sherpa culture and is open to the perspective of what it means to “have very little, while at the same time having everything!”
  • Anyone who is seeking that intense experience of living completely in the moment 

Testimonial – “Our Life Changing Experience!”

“FOUR THUMBS UP!!!  Absolutely the most rewarding and memorable experience of our lives!  Tom and I had so many personal breakthroughs along the way and our marriage is stronger than ever as a result of it.  Werner and Heshie are amazing  leaders, and we are forever thankful for Werner’s lifesaving mitts support.   Can’t wait for the next adventure!” . . . Tom and Anita Leung, Texas


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