Leadership Development – Corporate Participants

Who Should Attend?

Anyone in a leadership (authoritative) role: Fathers/Mothers, Husbands/Wives, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Managers/Leaders, Authority and Public Figures – Authority Figures of every descriptions – yes, YOU!

“Formal Leadership training rarely works! Leaders are developed and only through personal experiences!” …Werner Berger


To help emerging leaders perfect and surface their innate leadership capabilities, become comfortable and highly effective in their role, and evolve into masters at creating cohesive, high performing individuals and teams.  This is achieved by becoming competent at utilizing time tested leadership skills and, specifically, by becoming more alive, more grounded, more connected and more caring as a leader which is the foundation to a far more influential and powerful way of being.

This learning experience transcends well beyond the corporate world and permeates every aspect of life. 

The design of this entire adventure/experience is to provide an opportunity to immerse you in a unique world which fosters a discovery of an untapped and glorious dimension of YOU. . .the Epic YOU!

Where the majesty and magnificence of the outer journey triggers and inspires the inner journey!

Although effective leadership is one of the most important aspect in the wellbeing of individuals, families and nations, it is also one of the scarcest commodities. The reason: most people have lost access and a deep connection to their own inner world. Unfortunately, this is the result of parental and cultural conditioning and frequent disapproval (real or perceived) at an early age. What is needed is a deep reconnection to our own magnificence, and a secure trusting of our own consciousness. . . i.e our own self! 

Leadership is learned. No one is born a leader, and at the same time we are all born with the potential to be leaders. Global wellness depends on us; yes, YOU and me!

“Leadership and Self Actualization are two sides of the same perfection!” …Werner Berger

  • Leaders make a difference!
  • They seek win/win solutions.
  • They are advancers.
  • They are calculated risk takers.
  • They are preservers of the globe for the greater good!
  • They don’t force their ideas nor do they ‘sell’ them; rather, they motivate, inspire and encourage!

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all leaders as we affect and influence others, positively and/or negatively. For each of us, dipping our toes into the immersion pool of knowledge, and especially experiences which lead to a closer connection with self, surfaces new perspectives and ignites life changing revelations and personal growth! 


  • 12 Powerful Cognitive Stimulation Modules plus the all important Inner or Intrinsic Journey.
  • The Intrinsic Journey starts with the grandeur within which we will be traveling, which has the power to shock your ego into quiet contemplation and awarenesses not available during the normal course of our rat-race lives.
  • The challenge of the mountains, and your thrill at discovering a power that you might not have know to exist, act as a true wake-up call.
  • The beauty and elegance of the Himalaya and the Sherpa people….in every sense….will stir you in ways you can’t even imagine.
  • The unspoiled nature of the Solo-Khumbu and its serenity, the simplicity of life, each of us observing and challenging our own judgments (right and wrong), and how people can exist, build, endure, live their lives and be happy, can’t but help fracture limiting beliefs and advance your horizons and acceptances.
  • The combined experiences and adventurous spirits of Werner and our head guides, as leaders in their own right, are available to support you in discovering your own essence.
  • Once acknowledged and accepted, your own, and the teams collective and innate wisdoms and leadership strengths, can guide you through the highs and lows and the chasm that falls between.
  • Twelve hours of formal Leadership, one-on-one coaching via webinar, pre-adventure (by Werner, 37 years of  corporate leadership and consulting experience with clients as large as Clorox Canada and AstraZeneca), will add to new insights and ways of being. . . see “Modules” below.
  • Past participants have described the pre-climb webinars, assignments during the climb, and a debrief after the climb as “Highly Inspirational and Informative.”
  • “Without a question, it was a life changing experience”…sorry to repeat this, however it is the comment we hear over and over again (see Testimonials – full names and links provided upon request)!

The Sherpa and Buddhist lifestyles can be powerful teacher when we release ourselves from western biases and judgements. Consider for a moment – having no life insurance, no IRA or RRSP, no car or bank account, maybe even being unsure of tomorrow’s meal, and where living in the present is a way of life (not some goal to be reached). Further, consider young children playing on the edge of a precipice without parental concerns, walking 2 to 3 hours to school and another 2 to 3 back, and where smiles and happiness are the order of the day. You will be stunned at how happy people can be who have so little.

Leadership Curriculum

As mentioned above, Leadership is the most important aspect in the world, and yet, it is also the scarcest. To excel in any aspect of life (and business) we need the ability to inspire, motivate and support others to capitalize on their own performance and growth opportunities; those opportunities they might not see, and/or cannot do by themselves.

Pre-Adventure Leadership Curriculum

As mentioned above, Leadership is the most important aspect in the world, and yet, it is also the scarcest. To excel in any aspect of life (and business) we need the ability to inspire, motivate and support others to capitalize on their own performance and growth opportunities; those opportunities that they might not see, and/or cannot do by themselves.

There are three critical aspects associated with effective leadership:

  1. Knowing self – the essence of who you are being at any moment in time! This includes: Appreciating personal strengths and accepting limitations; Having and displaying COURAGE; Dreaming big dreams; and Being Congruent – so your Actions resonate positively and pass the acid test: do others perceive you as being congruent, authentic and leading from the heart? . . .the model of the Epic Leader.
  2. Knowing what to do next
  3. Stepping into Action

The pre-adventure Webinars are designed to primarily support Aspects 2 and 3, and to provide insights into the mindset that is so critical to Aspect 1. It is rare for the “how to” to come naturally, for these are learned skills (cognitive). The adventure experience tends to lead to a deep knowing (correlating to Aspects 1 – intrinsic awareness). Integration has the potential to change everything; integration, integration, integration!

To find out more and to access the Leadership Application Form (for the trip App Form see menu above) go to the Facebook page, Epic Leadership and You (to be activated soon), and request free access to membership. Alternately, you may wish to email us at, werner@Quest736.com, let us know what intrigues you about this Leadership Journey, and what questions you may have.


Pre-Adventure – The Cognitive Curriculum

Module 1 – Discovery – Stage 1 of Influence

Module 2 – The Foundational Concept to all Positive Influence – and hence Leadership

Module 3 – The Five Obstacles that Stop Positive Resonance in its Tracks

Module 4 – Getting Stuck in the Growth Curve

Module 5 – Success Environments: The Leader’s Prime Responsibility

Module 6 – The Warriors Path to Full Collaboration (1+1=11)

Module 7 – The Seven Steps to Creating a High Performance Team

Module 8 – A Missing Link – How to Build Relationship, Fast, Deep and Long Lasting – presented by Relationship Expert, Heshie N. Segal.

Module 9 – The Unlikely Dance Between Performance and Fulfillment

Module 10 – The BS of “Do Unto Others . . . “

Module 12 – Debrief (Group plus Individual)

Each 45 – 60 minute module is customized (sequence and content might vary), delivered one-on-one and culminates in committed action, with accountability and support.

Additional, written Module details are available upon registration and at your request.

The Intrinsic Journey

Purpose: To provide peak and life altering experiences in one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places on earth.

As a group we trek to the exulted Mt. Everest Base Camp (13 days) and on the journey we join and merge into the realm of the immeasurable. This is the essence within which life really exists! The design is simple: to re-connect you with self and your surroundings (yes, ALL of it) were a perspective shift is likely to  trigger heightened self-awareness, elevated personal power and greater mastery as an influencer and a LEADER.

On the Trek/Climb – Each day you will be assigned a specific leadership developmental task and/or a focussed contemplation.


Come and learn and have fun, in the beauty of the Land of the Sherpa!

LEADERSHIP    COURAGE                      . . . . and FUN!!!!!
                                     TEAMWORK      STRETCHING
                                     SYNERGY            INSPIRATION    
                                     VISION                  MOTIVATION     
                                     GOALS                   EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING
                                     ACTION                 CHALLENGE, SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE

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