Leadership Development Program

The good news: Leadership is learned. No one is born a leader, and at the same time we are all born to be leaders. Global wellness depends on us; yes, YOU and I!

“Leadership and Self Actualization are two sides of the same perfection!” …Werner Berger

  • Leaders make a difference!
  • They seek win/win solutions.
  • They are advancers.
  • They are risk takers.
  • They are preservers of the globe for the greater good!
  • They don’t force their ideas nor do they sell them; rather, they motivate, inspire and encourage!

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all leaders to some degree. For each of us, dipping our toes into the immersion pool of available knowledge can only lead to fresh perspectives, life changing experiences, learning and personal growth! This adventure has been designed to assist you in discovering your inner strengths utilizing the following stimuli:

  • Eight (8) hours of Leadership coaching by Werner and Heshie (42 years of combined corporate leadership and consulting experience with clients as large as Clorox, AstraZeneca and American Express).
  • The beauty and elegance of the Himalaya and the Sherpa people….in every sense….will stir you in ways you can’t even imagine
  • The unspoiled nature of the Solo-Khumbu and its serenity, the simplicity of life, and each of us observing and challenging our own judgments (of right and wrong, e.g. how people exit, build and endure and lear ), can’t but help fracture limiting beliefs and advance our horizons and acceptances.
  • The Sherpa lifestyle can be a powerful teacher when we release ourslves from western biases and judgments. Consider having no life insurance, no IRA or RRSP, no car or bank account, maybe even being unsure of tomorrow’s meal, and where living in the present is a way of life (not some goal to be reached). Further, consider young children playing on the edge of a precipice without parental concerns, walking 2 hours to school and another 2 back, and where smiles and happiness are the order of the day (for the most part, at least). You will be stunned at how happy people can be who have so little.
  • The challenge of the mountain trails, diminishing oxygen levels and your thrill at discovering the ‘you’ that you might not have know to exist. . .you must ask yourself, “Why would participant after participant share the same refrain, ‘This was a life changing experience.'”
  • The combined experiences and adventurous spirit of Werner and the Head Guides, as consultants, coaches, adventurers, philanthropists, and leaders in their own right, are available to support you in discovering your own essence.
  • Once acknowledged and accepted, our own, and the teams collective and individual innate wisdoms and leadership strengths, can guide us through the highs and lows and the chasm that falls between.
  • “Without a question, it was a life changing experience”…sorry to repeat this, however it is the comment we hear over and over again (see Testimonials – contact names and links provided upon request)!

Come and learn and have fun, in the beauty of the Land of the Sherpa!

LEADERSHIP    COURAGE                      . . . . and FUN!!!!!
                                     TEAMWORK      STRETCHING
                                     SYNERGY            INSPIRATION    
                                     VISION                  MOTIVATION     
                                     GOALS                   EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING
                                     ACTION                 CHALLENGE, SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE

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