Wonderful Trekking Buddies

Glowing Comments from Previous Participants          

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“”Our trip was epic and remains one of the highlights of my life!”. . .Mikel Ann H. USA

“Werner what I have noticed for myself is similar to what Paul said about an inner knowing of self. I am more grounded now in knowing my own true abilities. Anything I want is possible. What’s interesting for me, was I had zero experience of trekking, let alone to the highest free standing mountain in the world. I do know I put my trust in you as a leader with your experience, knowledge and accomplishments, that you would get me there and back safely, which you did. Together with you and your amazing trekking support team. It was my faith in God, a higher power and believing in myself that I would be able to do this. My mindset was the most important part. You said all I needed was a reasonable degree of fitness, which I did have. And incredible to me, was finding out upon returning how many people didn’t believe I would make it to the summit! Thank God I wasn’t listening to them. In life, how many times are we distracted by the naysayers? The memories of being on the summit are so exhilarating! Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? 100% plus and unforgettable. ❤️🥰🌟🙏🏼. “. . .Tanya Sahota

“I’ve had the privilege of making both trips with Werner. In May of 2010 I went to Everest Base Camp and just this last spring I made the trip to Africa. Both trips qualified as life time experiences. Two things that made a big difference to me. One, I’m not an accomplished world traveler, so being with someone that knows what they are doing made a huge difference. Secondly, this is a chance to spend quality time with a world class athlete. Werner is a cool guy to hang out with and his experience and knowledge in the mountains makes both trips safe and comfortable”. . . Bryce B. Wyoming, USA

“It was a great adventure and I appreciate all your help during it. I know it was a lot of work and effort on your part to keep 40 people moving. You were a fabulous “Mother Hen”. –Sandie V. IL, USA

“Werner, you have touched my life profoundly. Your patience and dynamic leadership, along with your deep connection to the mountains make you the perfect person to lead a trek. The Himalaya’s are breathtaking and I would highly recommend this trip to anyone open to a life changing adventure!  Namaste.” -Cathy Swearingen, VT

I personally feel bad that we (as a group) have not recognized you (Werner) for your amazing leadership and generosity. This would have normally been done during the Celebration dinner (which we had to miss because of the weather). –Christian Dion, ON, Canada

Werner, everything you did was first class, timely, comprehensive & informative. –Philip K. AZ

Thank you for everything, Werner. I am changed – and I believe it is for the better. –Collette L., Ca, USA

What an amazing adventure. Thank you for all you have done and more importantly for who you are. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! –Zachary R., CA USA

Werner is such an amazing leader. The trek was the best experience ever; life changing!! –Lisa W., ON, Canada

I loved being all day on the trail with the rhododendrons, amazing views and congenial people. –Elizabeth P., NY, USA

Thank you Werner for your forever positive, sharing, caring and observant ways. Priceless!  –Martha G, NM, USA

Standing Ovation Werner! –Penny K., AZ, USA

I don’t know how either Werner could have improved on this. I was satisfied with the entire performance. –Faith W., ON Canada

I was impressed with the individual attention given in a 40-person group. Personally, I thought Werner was always accessible, and helpful. I was confident that any concern I brought to you would be considered fairly and efficiently. You were a good model for us. –Gary G., CA USA

Werner’s support was invaluable….his experiences alone helped us achieve this goal…..we could always rely on him for support and a kick in the butt if needed. –Linda A., AZ USA

The support was exceptional. Werner worked very hard behind the scene to make this happen. –Christian D., ON Canada

This trek is amazing. -Lisa W-M., ON Canada

Comments By Team Africa Participants

FOUR THUMBS UP!!!  Absolutely the most rewarding and memorable experience of our lives!  Tom and I had so many personal breakthroughs along the way and our marriage is stronger than ever as a result of it.  Werner and Heshie are amazing  leaders, and we are forever thankful for Werner’s  lifesaving mitts on the summit day.   Can’t wait to join Werner on Everest Base Camp 2013! . . . Tom and Anita L. Texas

I am a single woman of 55. In the summer of 2012,  I travelled alone to Tanzania , Africa to climb the highest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro. I had committed to the trip in February of that year so I had 4 months to train and prepare for this once in a life time experience.  I had met Werner, several years prior, at a business convention and it was through this meeting that I felt confident to travel to the other side of the planet and climb this amazing mountain with him, with no previous experience.  I just KNEW I would be safe!  Well, the trip was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.  He prepared us so well and organized conference calls so we could have all of our questions answered and then was there to personally pick me up at the airport in Tanzania upon my arrival.   It was a challenge, for sure, but he was always there to support and guide us when we needed him.  Lifetime friends were made, the safari portion of the trip was incredible and the climb simply life changing!! I would highly recommend “Meet me at the Top” if you are wanting to have the most incredible experience of YOUR life.
Sincerely, Arlene H. BC, Canada

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2 Responses to TESTIMONIALS

  1. Cathy Swearingen says:

    Werner, you have touched my life profoundly. Your patience and dynamic leadership, along with your deep connection to the mountains make you the perfect person to lead a trek. The Himalaya’s are breathtaking and I would highly recommend this trip to anyone open to a life changing adventure! Namaste…

    • Werner Berger says:

      Dearest Cathy,
      I was jut looking for the amazing photo of you and Lisa and don’t think I had seen your post. Many thanks for being you and for helping make the trip so successful. Hugs, Werner

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