Who Is Werner Berger?

Guinness World Record holder

Werner Berger – Leadership Development Expert

Executive Movie Producer, Corporate Consultant, Author, High Altitude Climber, Health and Weight Loss Consultant, Trek Leader

Werner Berger is founder and president of a number of different companies*: for example, Strategic Results International and Meet Me At The Top,  consulting firms dedicated to transforming corporations into opportunities of unprecedented fulfillment and success. His processes focus on co-creating vibrant workplaces in which employees pride themselves for creativity and high performance. Clearly, this translates into increased productivity, higher morale, lower stress, less sick leave and a distinct competitive advantage. Effective Leadership and the creation of a culture conducive to high performance are the keys.

Uniqueness counts and this is exactly what Berger brings to his clients from around the world. His background of growing up with limited means, no electricity, no running water, and no telephone, coupled with his drive to excel through school and two postgraduate degrees was a significant undertaking in itself. Then, taking over a small business and growing it from 17 to 94 employees in 7 years and initially retiring at age 42 was just Part II in Werner’s life. After his retirement, Werner embarked on a 37 year, corporate consulting career which included his climbing adventures, and which took him to the top of Mount Everest and into the record books.

In November 2013, at age 77, Werner became a Guinness Records Holder as the oldest person in the World to climb the 7-Summits (Messner7, highest point on all seven continents plus Crastenzs Pyramid). Clearly, his successful climb of Mount Everest, in 2007 was the crowning glory of his summits quest. He brings the vitality of his high altitude climbing and diverse life experiences, and his corporate consulting, development, and trainings into the public domain for change.

Three years after reaching the top of the world, in May 2010, Werner lead a group of 40 people to Mt. Everest Base Camp. The oldest person on the trek was 84 and the youngest 18. To the trekking community’s astonishment, every single person made it; an unheard of success rate. . . the normal drop out rate on this trek ranges between 25 and 45%.

Werner’s unique perspective allows his clients to see the larger picture of what it means to be in the foothills and to propel themselves to the top.

All of these facts make him the ideal entrepreneur to launch Meet Me at the Top, Inc., create a movie as compelling and transformational as Back from the Edge, and design a Leadership developmental program that deals with both the Cognitive and the Intrinsic aspects of leadership; and the deeply meaningful and generally life changing experiences.

Werner’s passions for change, his nutrition and health regime, and his climbing, are only superseded by his love of his wife, his four children, and grandchildren.

Werner’s support was invaluable….his experiences alone helped us achieve this goal…..we could always rely on him for support and a kick in the butt if needed. –Linda A., AZ USA

* Stretegic Results International – Corporate Consulting (1984 –  2004)
* Meet Me At The Top, Inc – Movie Production, Adventure Travel (2005 – )
* WJB Health and Wellness Consulting – Health and Wealth Creation (1994 –  )
* (Purpose: To change Western health in a provocative and entertaining manner)
*  (Purpose: To help people lose weight scientifically, without cravings nor excessive exercise)

Werner’s Climbing and Trekking Story

“In 1992, on an impulse, I trekked into the Everest Base Camp area with my son, Paul. I was 55 years old, and did not have any prior climbing or trekking experience or background.  This trip changed my life – forever. I believe, whoever ventures into this region and into these mountains, will be touched in some profound and unique manner. Without any preconceived intent, I personally discovered what spirituality means to me, what treasures appear by living in the present (like grounding, humility, and awe), and, where child-like wonder and inspiration reside. This casual sojourn into the Nepal Himalaya led to my climbing the 7-summits[1], including Mt. Everest and into the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest person in the world to achieve this feat. Furthermore I taught me why 98% of all Leadership training fails to deliver the intended ROI – this was profound!”

Stay tuned – there is much more to come. . .you might just get 101 x more value than you ever imagined!

[1] Mt. Everest (Asia), Mt. Aconcagua (South America), Denali (North America), Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mt. Vionso (Ant-Arctic), Mt. Elbrus, (Russia), Mt Kosciusko (Australia) -plus Crastenzs Pyramid (Papua, Indonesia – to complete the climbers 7-Summits.

Celebrating a Successful Climb


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